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City of Fernie Invasive Plant

Management Plan

West Fork Resource Management Ltd. was contracted by the City of Fernie to develop an Invasive Plant Strategy and Management Plan in 2013/2014. 


This Strategy was designed to provide guidelines for City departments, Council and contractors directly involved with managing invasive plants, planning, design, or construction of new and renovated landscapes, facilities, and civic land. 


WFRM conducted an extensive invasive plant inventory within the City in 2017. An update to the Management Plan was completed in 2018/2019.

WFRM brought in Vahanna Nature Rehabilitation for a targeted goat grazing project at the Railway Park in Fernie in 2019 and 2020. Read more about this project in the Fernie Free Press news article.

For more information see City of Fernie IPMP.


Tobacco Plains Ecological Restoration

WFRM has been involved with this ongoing project on the Tobacco Plains Indian Reserve near Grasmere, BC since 2015 to control Leafy spurge infestations and support the rare, federally listed species Spalding's campion (Silene spaldingii). As well, the project includes the control of other invasive plants in an effort to restore critical grassland ecosystems. A key focus of this project is to engage Tobacco Plains Indian Band members in invasive plant management activities on the Reserve for the future restoration and preservation of native grasslands.

Riverside camp.jpg

Upper Elk Valley Invasive Plant Management Plan

In conjunction with Vast Resources in 2019, WFRM developed an Invasive Plant Management Plan for crown lands in the Upper Elk Valley, Fording River Valley and Big Ranch Nature Trust Conservation Lands. The main scope of the Plan is to address the introduction and spread of invasive plant species within these areas, with an emphasis on areas of high habitat value, particularly for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

As part of a five year project, WFRM crews conducted an extensive invasive plant inventory in these areas in 2020.

Grave Prairie.JPG

Teck Coal Invasive Plant Management

WFRM has conducted invasive plant activities on Teck Elk Valley mine sites and private lands since 2008 and has played an integral role in the development and implementation  of the Teck Regional Invasive Plant Management Plan. WFRM works in collaboration with Nupqu in managing these Teck projects.


Akisqnuk First Nation Invasive Plant Management Plan

In 2015, WFRM conducted an extensive inventory of invasive plants on Akisqnuk First Nation lands near Windermere, BC. The inventory was used to develop a comprehensive Invasive Plant Management Plan which provides guidance for the Band Council and Land Managers in the control and prevention of invasive plants on Akisqnuk lands. 

For more information see Akisqnuk IPMP.


Nupqu Invasive Plant Management

WFRM supports Nupqu Limited Resource Partnership invasive plant contracts as an Invasive Plant Specialist providing expertise, training field personnel and supervising field crews on Teck mine sites, as well as multiple others contracts. Involves project planning, managing scheduling, site safety compliance, data analysis and annual reports.

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